Submission Guidelines is a directory of travel related sites.

Please submit only

  • travel related,
  • English language sites
  • with quality content.

Reasons we will not accept your site:

– The site is not travel related.
– The site is too new and/or does not have enough content to review.
– The site does not work.
– The site contains illegal, pornographic or otherwise offending content.
– Affiliate sites without original content.

Please write your title and descriptions in complete sentences and check spelling and grammar. Remember that you are not writing an advertisement but an informative text about your services.
To increase the chances to get your site accepted read the following advice:

Your description should not contain duplicated content. Instead of copying it from your site write a short text about your website.

Your title should be your business or website name. This is no place for keyword stuffing. Also avoid the use of UPPER CASE, full stop or exclamation marks in the title.

Avoid overly promotional language. Do not use words like ‘best’, ‘leader’, ‘cheap’, ‘cheapest’, ‘greatest’ or any other exaggerated adjectives. Better describe your offer or services in an informative way. It is OK to add features, but avoid prices, special offers and other information that is going to change over time.

Don’t end your description with etc., “for more information visit our site” or similar words. If your description is informative and well written, visitors will visit your site in search for certain services.

Submit to the most relevant category.
Example: If you have a hotel in the UK the right category would be Accommodation >> Europe Accommodation >> UK Accommodation. Submissions to other categories will result in a rejection.

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