Working In The Travel Industry

September 6, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Travel Industry News

A lot of travelers dream of being paid to travel, few ever really look into the possibilities to make this dream come true. Travel writing or photography come to mind first, but these are not the only options.

The travel industry is very diverse and so are the careers opportunities in this industry. They can involve communication with customers and suppliers, organization of accommodation and travel itineraries as well as events to interaction like guiding tour groups.

While some jobs are obviously related to the travel industry like agents, tour guides or airline crews, others work in less visible positions like cooks, technical personal or researchers. Without these people, working in the background customers would not be able to get their dream holidays arranged.

What they all have in common is the need for people who can communicate, are team-oriented and service minded. Entry-level jobs are easy to find in all tourist areas while top management positions often involve a recruiter. To get an idea what is required for the top positions, just have a look at the hospitality executive search.

Jobs require different levels of qualification. Often former experience in other fields can be a plus. This could be travel experience, special knowledge about a certain region or customer service skills gained in former jobs.

A career in the hospitality or travel sector does not have to be just a dream. Finish your education and explore the possibilities. There are so many options, that if you really want to go this way, living where other people spend their holidays is possible.

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